Q.Which kind of fishes I can get?
A. You could get Seabass throughout the year. Depends on the season, Spanish, mackerel, Rockfish, and Flathead.
Q. Which fishing style?
A. Lure fishing is the main, casting or jigging. Also, live bait fishing to the season.
Q. When is the departure and return time?
A. Morning plan 7 AM ~ 11 AM
Afternoon plan 12PM ~ 4PM
Night plan 5 PM ~ 9 PM
7 hours plan 7 AM ~ 2 PM
Time schedule could be changed depends on the season.
If you need the arrangement about the time schedule, we could manage with our schedule.
ex. 9AM ~ 1PM

Facility of the ship

Q. How many people can ride?
A. Maximum 4.
Q. Is there a restroom in the ship?
A. Yes, inside of our boat.
Q. Smoking allowed?
A. Yes, but you need to bring a portable ashtray.
Q. Is Wifi available?
A. Yes, please let me know when you make a reservation.

Price and reservation

Q. How to make a reservation?
A. Please let us know the date, time, number of people and your name by reservation form or text us from Facebook, the Instagram messenger. We reply within 12 hours.
Q. What items include in the fee.
A. Passage fare, bait fee, and life jacket.
Q. Can we change the number of people after the reservation?
A. Yes, if it’s less than 4 people and by the day before.
Q. How to pay?
A. At the day of fishing and Cash only. A credit card is NOT available.
Q. How much the cancellation fee?
A. 7 days before is 50% and 3 days before is 100%.
There will not be a cancellation charge if it were cancel caused by bad weather.
Q. Is it OK just for one?
A. Of cause, please feel free to reserve.
Q. Children can ride?
A. For children ages 5 to 15, please be accompanied by a parent or guardian. For less than 4, We’re sorry we must refuse.
Q. How much is the children's fee?
A. Under age 15, the price per person is 10000 yen.

Rental items

Q. I don't have fishing equipment. Can I rent for them?
A. Yes. You can rent all the fishing equipment with 3000 yen per day. Also, we teach you how to use them.
Q. Do I need a reservation for rent?
A. Yes, please tell us by the day before.
Q. Can I rent the life jacket?
A. Yes, it’s available for free, we have auto expansion type one.

The appointed day

Q. We don't know how to go to the meeting place.
A. Before the day we send you the details of the meeting place.
Q. I worry about seasickness
A. Tokyo bay’s wave is gentle. So If you take medicine for motion sickness, it would be fine. Almost our customer didn’t have any problem because of those medicines.
Q. What should I wear for boat fishing?
A. For summer, Cap, sunglasses, sunscreen, Deck shoes are better but Crocs or sneaker, haven’t worn out the soles, is also fine. For winter, Wearing warm clothes with feeling sweaty is ideal. Neckwarmer, grab, beanie, etc. The Scarf is not available because it would be brown by the window. Throughout all seasons, please bring rainwear. You can buy one at convenience stores.
Q. By when Should we arrive at meeting point?
A. 15 minuets before. We have instracsions and you need to write down the boarding list.
Q. Should I bring drinks?
A. Please bring something to drink also foods, snacks. Especially, in summer you need at least 1.5 – 2.0 L of drinks.
Q. What if it's rain?
A. Basically No postponement for rain. But our captain makes a decision whether it’s severe or not depending on whether and customer’s experiences with the fishing boat.
Q. By when let me know cancelation of fishing because of bad weather?
A. We announce by 15 of the day before.


Q. I want to purchase fishing equipment in Japan before riding boat. What should I buy?
A. Please let us know by text messages. We have some recommend shop and items.
Q. Is it possible to pick us up and drop to the hotel which we stay?
A. Yes, we can arrange it If your hotel is in Tokyo. Please send us text messages.
Q. What should I do for fishes I've caught?
A. Basically, It’s catch and release. But If you want to bring them home, I want you to prepare a cooler box and ices. The fishes of Tokyo Bay is known for the high-grade brand and we’re sure you can enjoy eating.