Out Skipper and Boat

About Us

 Skipper: Itsuro

Since he was kid, he grew up in the environment surrounded by nature and had a wide varieties of fishing experience, which are for small-sized, black bass, deep-sea fish, tuna, et cetera and become more and more intrigued with a fishing.
This curiosity led him to enter Tokai University and manufacturing company of the fishing lure. After 5 years duty in the company,
he started this service.
Improving and widen his knowledge in order to provide amazing experiences to our customers. He’ll help you with everything. Let us worry about the rest.


Our Boat

maximum 4 people are available
Having a total length of 7 meters
The engine which made by SUZUKI, produce 90 horsepower
Equipment such a Rod holder, Marine toilet, 8 inches fish-finder by HONDEX, fish-tank
Max 2 people are able to stay inside the Kadie
This wide shape of the model provides a very relaxed and stable cruise
Ladies, we have the Marine toilet. please feel relieved