September 14th,2019 AM

September 14th,2019 AM

Today’s Tokyo Japan Fishing results!!Today’s guest is from Japan.

It was opened from 7pm to 11pm Tokyo Japan Fishing Guide.

■ highest temperature : 24℃
■ lowest temperatere : 20℃.
It was comfortable day today.

Result:Seabass 8hits.

Thank you for booking Tokyo Japan Fishing!!!!

Now you can catch sea bass and Black sea bream! Seabass fishing is a casting and jigging style.Black sea bream fishing is a traditional Japanese style of fishing.


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September 28 AM× PM○ Night○
September 29 AM× PM○ Night○
September 30 AM× PM○ Night○

(Updated on September 12th)

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The pier is close to Asakusa, Ueno, Ginza, Tokyo, Tsukiji.It is a 5-minute walk from Sky Tree and Tsukiji Fish Market.


Fishing in Tokyo bay is a great fun activity!!!The best fishing guide in Tokyo bay
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