Fishing guide in Tokyo bay【August 11th,2019】Night

Fishing guide in Tokyo bay【August 11th,2019】Night

Today’s Tokyo Japan Fishing results!!Today’s guest is from Japan.

It was opened from 4pm to 9pm Tokyo Japan Fishing Guide.

■ highest temperature : 35℃
■ lowest temperatere : 29℃.
It was very hot day today.

Result:Black sea bream 6hits,Rock fish 18hits.

Thank you for booking Tokyo Japan Fishing!!!!

Now you can catch sea bass and Black sea bream! Seabass fishing is a casting and jigging style.Black sea bream fishing is a traditional Japanese style of fishing.


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August 23〜September 6 Honeymoon…

(Updated on August 10th)

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The pier is close to Asakusa, Ueno, Ginza, Tokyo, Tsukiji.It is a 5-minute walk from Sky Tree and Tsukiji Fish Market.


Fishing in Tokyo bay is a great fun activity!!!The best fishing guide in Tokyo bay
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